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What should the tent rating be for camping in all conditions?

If you are looking for one tent for all seasons of camping, buy a 3 Season tent; while some 4 Season tents state that they are for "all seasons", if your shelter is insulated enough to withstand Winter conditions, then it likely won't be ventilated enough to withstand extreme Summer temperatures.

3 Season tents offer the most versatility as far as camping comfortably in most conditions, but if you like camping in all kinds of weather you might want to start investing in multiple tents so that you always have the best tent for the proper conditions.

We recommend a single sleeping 2 Season tent for your individual excursions in moderate weather, a four (or more) sleeping 3 Season tent for your family and friend camping adventures, and a four to five sleeping 4 Season tent for your winter camping excursions. These will give you plenty of options for shelter, regardless of the weather.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on November 19th, 2019
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